Shepherd Pie… not done right!

14 Sep

Reznikoff’s… I am disappointed.  You have taken the easiest recipe in the world and messed it up.  I praised Cafe Reznikoff on their daily specials at around 5 bucks, but this time around I have to give Reznikoff a thumbs down!

This is why… I tried to take a better picture, but sorry, no success.  I thought “Ok… Maybe it will taste better.”   It’s not exactly easy to serve this dish into a take-away container and keep the presentation immaculate! So how did it taste? The first bite was masked by the salty gravy which gave me a false impression of a tasty meal.   The more bites I took the more it was clear that my $5.64 was not a good spend.  The portion for this type of meal was inadaquate, the potato was just that… plain potato, and really the worst part is that there was not a single carrot in sight, and the meat tasted like canned corned beef.  The 99 cent kind… Gross.

So dear students… let me give you a little advice.   Shepherd Pie is the EASIEST meal to make, and it’s pretty damn cheap.  Here’s a great recipe from Chef Ramsey.  He is insane, but he knows his food.  You can skip the ground lamb, and use ground beef (or chicken… or anything vegetarian, vegan!), throw in a carrot and a few other vegetables and you have yourself a great meal!  This is a no brainer, and you can make yourself three days worth of portions of this meal for under 10 bucks if you improvise a little.  That’s a fair deal if you ask me!  Final Verdict: Skip this special… it ain’t that special!

Item(s): Shepherd Pie
Cafe Reznikoff, 75 St. George St.
Nutritional Grade: 
Would you buy again? 

Here’s a little video of Chef Ramsey doing his thing…

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